The Irish-based, UK-born musician, writer and filmmaker Richard Skelton is an exceptional figure of the UK experimental music scene. As he admits, he would not listen to any music other than his own (for fear of being influenced), he is not particularly involved in the music community and scarcely performs (we are all the more excited he has accepted the offer for a gig at SONDA).

A typical for his music approach is extensive research of a certain place or phenomenon conducted with an intensity bordering on obsession. The result is a sonic image that captures the character and vibe of the place or phenomenon examined. While on the albums Shear Plane and Plateau Skelton drew inspiration from glacial movements and the geological history of The Caingorms in Scotland on this year's Selenodesy he turned his attention upwards towards the celestial bodies (the word selenodesy in English refers to the branch of astronomy that deals with the topography of the moon).