The TRYCHTÝŘ project is an artistic and social experiment that explores the possibilities of creative group collaboration and encourages mutual learning by working together. The project was launched by SVITAVA Association, which addressed the public through an open call and selected a group of 14 artists of different backgrounds.

Through regular meetings in the SVITAVA studios, ideas, intersections and collaborations began to emerge with the aim of diverse artistic interventions at the SONDA Festival. Thus, TRYCHTÝŘ provided the participants with the opportunity to take an active part in creating the festival's content and to present their work in an international context. The form of the interventions is very open – from full-dome or audio reactive visuals and laser experiments to sound and light installations, interactive objects or scenography.

The TRYCHTÝŘ project is a great adventure for all involved, the outcome of which remains unknown until the last moment. Its purpose is to explore, through practice, new forms of artistic expression and education in the post-digital age.

The following artists are participating in the project: Klára Odehnalová, Katarina Marošiová, Matuš Stenko, Petr Bradáček, Patrik Kučavík, Barbora Cicoňová, Veronika Šmírová, Jana Pavla Francová, František Hruška, Jan Mikula, Karolina Raimund, Helena Lukášová, Michal Marenčík, Samuel Antol.